Cirrhosis – Its Causes and Progression

cirrhosis Image: Wikipedia
Image: Wikipedia


Soloman Shah, MD, has practiced medicine at Gastrointestinal Medicine Associates, PC, in Vienna, Virginia, for over 15 years. With multiple publications to his credit, Dr. Soloman Shah is a Diplomate of the National Board of Medical Examiners and American Board of Internal Medicine and focuses on diagnosing and treating liver disorders.

A slowly progressing disease, cirrhosis is the replacement of healthy liver tissue by scar tissue. As scar tissue can impede blood flow, slowing down the processing of hormone drugs, naturally produced toxins, and nutrients, this process can eventually prevent the liver from functioning properly.

Alcohol abuse, fatty liver, and hepatitis C are the main culprits of developing cirrhosis. However, anything that potentially damages the liver can lead to cirrhosis, including diabetes, obesity, and viral infections. Less likely causes include parasitic infections, increased exposure to environmental toxins, and certain prescription drugs.

Cirrhosis has been identified as the 12th principal cause of death from a disease.